Research Seminars


All seminars will take place at 5 pm

Spring Term 2016

Wednesday 3rd February (week 4)  VENUE HumSS 175 
Núria Triana Toribio (University of Kent) (Award Culture in Spanish Cinema)

Wednesday 24th February (week 7) VENUE HumSS 125
Aengus Ward (University of Birmingham) (Medieval prose in the Digital Age: the Estoria de Espanna Digital)

Summer Term 2016

Tuesday 26th April (week 2) VENUE HumSS 74
Phil Swanson (University of Sheffield) (From Compadrito to Wiseguy: The Gangster in Hispanic American Film)

Wednesday 4th May (week 3) VENUE HumSS 74
Kirsty Hooper (University of Warwick) (Genealogy, Mobility and Family History in the Anglo-Hispanic Atlantic)


Forthcoming Seminars 2016/17

Glyn Redworth (University of Oxford) (exact title TBC)

Conrad James (University of Birmingham) (exact title TBC)